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Campaign Planning

Increase your return on investment and make an impact with creative campaign planning tailored to your content and business goals.

Why Campaign Planning Matters

To effectively engage with your audience, you need to target messages that resonate with them consistently. To determine which approach works best for you, you need to experiment, test, learn and iterate.

Strategically planning your campaign will give you an overview of your content ecosystem and help you coordinate every element. With this knowledge, we can refine our message, optimize our workflow, and publish consistently, to get better results.

Elements of Campaign Planning

Effective planning takes into consideration every aspect of content marketing, from brainstorming to publication, which includes:

  • Goals
  • Buyer Personas
  • Budget
  • Timeline
  • Content deliverables
  • Metrics
  • Channels
  • Messaging
  • Editorial calendar

The more specific your strategy, the better you can use your resources and execute your marketing campaign.

How We Approach Campaign Planning

We help you plan campaigns by collaborating with you to prioritize your goals and craft the best strategy for achieving them. We provide a comprehensive, scalable plan for creating content from start to finish.

It includes creative idea generation, infrastructure support, best practice advice, editorial timelines, and more to help you create content that’s effective.

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