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Annual Reports

Create beautiful and eye­catching annual reports that tell the story of your company’s accomplishments.

Why Annual Report Design Matters

An annual report communicates vital and relevant information for businesses and non-profits. However, these reports can be difficult to understand if they aren't presented in an easy-to-follow and engaging way.

That’s the reason why presentation matters. An attractive annual report design brings a more engaging story to life by using compelling copy, eye-catching visuals, and attention-getting images to tell a story and present facts and figures.

This approach helps viewers better comprehend key information and, most importantly, appreciate its significance and value.

Formats for Annual Reports

Though printed annual reports have been the standard for decades, there are many different ways of presentation companies use, which include:

  • Print

Annual reports can be made into beautiful pieces of artwork with creative, intentional, unique executions.

  • Digital

Online digital reports are perfect for online distribution—ideal to showcase on your website or social media.

  • Interactive

Interactive report formats allow viewers to explore the different aspects of the story they find most interesting.

  • Video

Video annual report videos allow companies to tell their stories quickly by sharing high-quality visuals and narration.

Depending on your target audience, one type of content might be better suited for them than another.

How We Approach Annual Report Design

Through our proven strategy and processes, we work closely with your team to identify the key message, right format, and visual treatment for your annual report.

We use our unique storytelling skills and experience to craft interesting and engaging annual report designs that match your brand identity, communicate the purpose of your organization, and help readers get to connect with you better.

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