Our clients have a similar story about their skepticism when they first tried our design services. Some say they wondered if we really will deliver what we promised and if delivery in 24hours was a marketing gimmick. Disclaimer: This has inspired this post.

Finding a designer service provider that matches your business is like going shopping for a car. Every dealership promises the best deal in town, but you cannot help wondering if indeed it is.

We have had the pleasure of hiring and working with various designers and we hope this post helps you choose the right designer partner for you!

  1. A quality designer uses a framework, a method or a way of telling your brand story. Seasoned designers have a process because processes deliver quality!
  2. Design for sales. Great design leads to lead and sales. Does your designer know your target market or your ego? Is the design communicating to consumers about your brand, project and / or product?
  3. A quality designer uses his/ her best tools. (Uses the right tools). Although every designer has their preferred software, industry staples are Adobe Illustrator cc and Corel Draw. This smell test, verifies if the designer means serious business.
  4. Is time conscious (knows time is money): Time is money for everyone especially clients. A designer should be able to give you a timeline for a project and deliver on it.
  5. Know their worth: Prices differ from on designer (design house) to another. A word of caution though, compared to other industry service providers, if a designer gives a price too good or low to be true. Run!

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